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We started this business after we had gone to a local embroidery and screen printing establishment to have some custom karate jackets embroidered. We supplied the jackets. $500.00 later we had 2 jackets that were poor quality in stitching and not very professional looking. So wanting to be a stay at home mom we purchased our 1st piece of equipment. a 9 needle Brother Embroidery Machine.  That started the ball rolling. 
Our Mom and Pop Business has been operating since 2001, as B & D Embroidery. A few years later we added screen printing to our services offered and a few years after that we added vinyl graphics to our services offered.


David had worked at Kohler Co. and after 11 years he was laid off with 400 other people. We're put in a position of losing everything or taking our home business commercial and giving it our all.


After 13 years our business has out grown it's name, so now we are Two Rivers Clothing co.

We are located at 1609 Washington st. Two Rivers, WI. and have been at this address since May of 2009 and have grown to the point of out growing our current location. Currently we are looking to buy a building of our own in Two Rivers,WI and if all stars a line, come this time next year we may be in a much larger building.

Striving to be the best we can be we stay on top of technology in our field. Unlike some in our field that continue to use the old school ways and demand your artwork be in a black & white image, we can work off of any type of art work. We have the knowledge and capabilities to graphically draw your logo so it can be used in a number of ways , including it to be scaled to a billboard size without it becoming a blur pixels.

We Don't "Farm" your job out to be made by another company or person then skim money off the price like many others do. Some similar businesses in the area say they do embroidery, but they have no machine. We make everything piece by piece to insure perfect quality.

We offer our services on a more personal level to assure you that you’re getting exactly what you want. Our turn around time will make your head spin.

B & D has won many awards, local and out of state. Our winnings have been trophies, certificates, and even equipment. We've been in many magazines within our trade.

Our unique capabilities is what make this the perfect business partners. David, is the work horse. His knowledge and abilities of the computerized machines helps run a smooth operation, even when all machines are running at once his multitasking skills are superb. Have a question?, he's the man that can answer it. He can envision and interpret your ideas and produce an item that meets your expectations. David also serves on the Two Rivers City Council. His great leadership skills gained him a seat as Vice President of city council in 2012/2013. He volunteers his time for many city and business ran events as he truly believes in giving back. I'm (Bridget) the creative drive behind the business. I have a keen eye for design and style. From day one of opening our business I had envisioned setting an atmosphere unlike any of our local competitors in this field. Atmosphere is important, it shows style, creativity, cleanliness, and origination skills. I feel walking into a place where their specialties are to customize your items and their facility is in disarray it shows their abilities and effort that will be put into your job. My love of crafting spills into our business, and you will find many unique one of a kind items.





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