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Vast collection of 19,000+ stock images and font or we can digitize (duplicate) your logo for your embroidery needs


* Digitizing of your logo takes up to 48 hours for your approval. The latest software is used to ensure perfect duplication of logo or image. This is done on site. Please note some larger images may require a digitizing fee. This is the only "Fee" we charge. Typical logos and images under 10,000 stitches are usually fee free. No set up fees,artwork fees, or color changing fees.

*Pricing depends of size of image, typically we charge $1.00 per thousand stitches. This has been are rate for the past 10 years. We do have a $10.00 minimum for embroidery. This include having your name embroidered on an item.

* Highest quality of thread used. Thread is specially developed and constructed to  eliminate looping, and puckering to ensure the smoothest looking embroidery. Thousands  of thread colors to choose from. Madeira Thread is the highest of quality.