Terms of Service

Submitting art work 

 When submitting artwork for consideration on a production job please use eps , cdr. or ai.. You must include the true type fonts that was used in your artwork, or they must be converted into curves before sending.  Please remember the better the artwork provided, the better the end product will look. This can be  done by EMAIL or by contacting us. 

 The sample will be  produced for your acceptance. You the client will have to "sign off" on a design before it is produced, by email or in person. After it has been signed off you will be unable to make any changes.




No Screen Fee


Free for embroidery!

$10.00 color change fee will apply when screen printing a job. EX. You order 100 t-shirts with a 1 color print, but you want 50 of them to have a different color. We charge a $10.00 fee to change the color of ink. The $10.00 covers the cost of the chemicals to clean off the screen and prep it for another color.


NO Digitizing/ Artwork Fee if is applied if your supplying Print Ready artwork!. Please note this is for printed items only.

Fees may/ will apply for digitizing a logo for embroidery. Ie. If your looking for a name embroidered on an item there is no digitizing fee, If your looking to have a logo embroidered there will be a digitizing fee.

What is digitizing? It is the process of redrawing your logo by hand with a software that communicates with the embroidery machine. The digitizing fee is for the service or time it takes to redraw the logo. Paying this fee does not mean the file is yours. You may purchase the file if you wish. Purchasing the file does not guarantee it can be embroidered by another embroidery business. There are may types of software and machines and many are not compatible.


Artwork Polices


Submitting Print Ready artwork

How to supply print ready artwork?

Save your graphic artwork as a eps, cdr, or ai file. Also save a copy of all true type fonts that was used in the design. That can be emailed to us, or brought into our store on a jump drive, cd rom, floppy disk, or a small data chip as a scan disk. Once downloaded the item will be returned back to you.

We print using the newest technology. Unlike some shops that are still using copy machines to duplicate your artwork. This old style of doing things results in rough printed edges. Our state of the art technology will result is crisp clean lines, which offers more detail in the final product.

Bringing in a piece of paper, old t-shirt , or other item with a picture you want printed will result in a artwork fee.


Why an artwork fee?

This artwork fee covers the time it takes to re-draw your logo in a vector based program. The vector image allows for cleaner prints and can be resized for Banners to billboards without getting pixilated or distorted.

This fee is $40.00 per hour depending on the complexity of the design.*

Minimum of one hour billed and then billed by the 1/4 hour there after.


Please note*

We also offer this as a service.




Many businesses in this field will require a signing of a 1 year contract that states you will solely use there business for 1 year for all your apparel needs!  NOT HERE!  Boy if that doesn't sound like a scam to sell poorly made products to you for a whole year while taking your money.


we keep your logo on file for you for 1 year, and you can re-order that logo on items in the future.


Yes, but quite often we can save you money by purchasing quality garments for you because of our volume discounts with different vendors. Buying your own in retail stores usually costs you more, even when they’re on sale! Many times These garments are not quality or made to be embroidered or printed on. We cannot produce quality embroidery on inferior product

 Additionally, there are risks to providing your own garments.

Flaws in a garment may not be discovered until after the logo is put on it. A shirt may have a hole in the back or a rip in the seam. Once a garment is sewn or printed, very few retailers will take an item back. If you bought it from us, we will replace it.

Age of item also plays a part on how the finished product will look and turn out. For example it some one brings in a shirt that already has been washed and wants it's printed the printing may not last on the garment due to the detergents and fabric softener used. 

Finally, during the process of both screen printing and embroidery, some garments may get damaged. When you purchase an item from us, we take the risk and we are able to replace any defects at no additional cost to you. The money we make from selling you the product acts like an insurance policy, affording us the ability to replace damaged goods. If you bring your own garments, we will not guarantee or replace the item. In the event that a garment is damaged, or miss printed or stitched the item will not be replaced or refund given! 

By Bringing in Garments you hereby state that you are providing your own garments for decoration, You will not hold Two Rivers Clothing Company responsible for any damage or miss prints to your item(s) during decoration i.e. Glitches made by machines, Misprinting, miss stitching.



Any damages misprints,or mistakes on provided or furnished ( items from us) items must be reported within 48 hours of delivery or pick up.. Items that were furnished by Two Rivers Clothing Company LLC. will be fixed or replaced.



  We use UPS and USPS for all our shipping needs. Tracking or Delivery Confirmation is sent with every  package.

Trademarks & Copyrights

 Artwork and designs submitted by you for use in producing an order will be accepted as  being in full compliance with laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, and patents. 
You agree that, by submitting artwork for our company to produce, hold the copyright,  trademark or patent for the artwork, and give our company all rights to reproduce the  product for you. We will not produce your artwork for anyone other than the person that  has placed the order. 
If these laws are violated our company shall not be held responsible.





Money Orders

Personal Checks
Personal Checks are subject to a 10 day waiting period un till cleared


 Credit Cards

Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express


Privacy Policy

www.tworiversclothingcompany.com only collects your personal information to process and ship your purchases. We do not share this information with anyone or any company. We keep all information confidential and well protected. We feel that our customers are the most important thing to us, and we will do whatever it takes to protect you. Thanks and have a great day!